Who is Salt?

Salt is a new insurance app that can get you the best home and auto insurance quote in Texas. Match with your ideal insurance quote today! Tailored. Efficient. Done.

Salt is Simple Efficient and Truly Texan

Shop for home and car insurance quotes, right in the palm of your hand.

Our Team Has Been Sprinkling Salt for Decades

In 1920, our parent company opened its doors in a bank in downtown Grapevine, TX. Our heart has been to serve the local community with quality insurance products at the right price. Today, our goal is to still serve the community, but we are choosing to redefine what community means, reaching more than just the few miles that surround our building.

Salt is a New Way to Get Insured

As technology has advanced, the insurance industry seems to lag behind. Salt Insure wants to see that changed. You can buy almost anything you need online. Home and auto insurance should be no different. At Salt, you get an independent agent, which means you get options. No face to face meeting, required. Take care of your insurance on your own time, and get back to the things you care about the most.

Our Mission…

Our mission at Salt Insure is to use technology to bring people a smarter way to buy their home and auto insurance. Using our core values, we will

  • Treasure people by providing a smart and caring guide to make sense of your insurance policy.
  • Simplify the process by posing real-world scenarios instead of speaking insurancese.
  • Make the buying process fun and lighthearted all while offering the most competitive insurance pricing that we can!

The Future of Insurance 

At Salt Insurance we make buying home and auto insurance simple. Quick, online new school experience and expertise of an old school establishment. You probably don’t mind transferring risk if you know what it costs? At Salt Insure we strive to be completely transparent. Now you know what you’re on the hook for. And the rest? Well, rest assured we will take care of it for you. We appreciate that you’ve got some smarts because Salt can align your head, your heart and your wallet. As a bird builds its nest, we can build the best home and auto coverage with you.


"Shopping for insurance is usually painful, but with Salt it was actually fun! The interactive questionnaire makes you forget you are even shopping for insurance!"