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Cut Your Quoting
Time in Half.

SALT is the Home & Auto Insurance Digital Application of your dreams.

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✓ Make More Money with Less Effort

✓ Easy Way to Go Digital

✓ Get Submissions While You Sleep

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Independent insurance agents are losing money. Why?

  • You are losing customers to big direct providers
  • Your quoting process is frustrating and time-consuming
  • You aren’t providing a digital customer experience

We’ve been there, too. There’s a better way.

SALT’s insurance application frees up your time and helps you close more deals.
What’s not to love?

Share Quick Links with Your Prospects

Share your branded URL with prospects on the golf course or at the next Rotary meeting, so they can apply at their convenience.

Educate Customers and Increase Value

Built-in tools to help inform and educate your customers, so they understand the value of their policy.

Easy Way to Make Coverage Recommendations

Customers trust you to build a policy that will protect them. Coverage recommendations let you advise your customer each step of the way.

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Built by insurance agents, for agents like you

Quoting is a time-consuming process that can leave you and your customers feeling frustrated.
There’s a better way.

As insurance agents who have been selling since 1920, we understand the challenges of collecting data and we’ve worked hard to create SALT, an easy-to-use insurance digital application that saves you precious time and helps you close more deals.


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Simple, no trick pricing.

You don't pay until you're ready to begin accepting insurance applications



Everything you need to get started. 

  • 2 Users
  • Custom Coverage Recommendations
  • Referral Links
  • Data Export
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Everything you need to get started. 

  • 30 Users
  • Custom Coverage Recommendations
  • Referral Links
  • Data Export
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Enterprise | Custom pricing for 30+ users. Contact Us

It's easy to get started.


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1. Try It Free

Start a free trial and customize your new SALT insurance digital application.


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2. Add It To Your Website

Use your new branded form on your website, LinkedIn and Facebook, email, and business cards. Share with new contacts anywhere you go.


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3. Get Applications In Your Sleep

While you’re on the golf course or lounging on the beach, SALT does the hard work of collecting Home & Auto details.

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We’re here to help.

We’re a small, dedicated team of insurance and product specialists. Our mission is to help you use SALT to transform your data collection process, so your agency can be more profitable.

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